Dr Bianca Komansky's  passion for love, play and knowledge, has led her on a life mission to understand the mind, body and spirit connection. Bianca is a Doctor of metaphysics and has

taken two yoga teacher training's in Thailand and Patagonia. She is a Certified SUP yoga Teacher who Works with energy, yoga, colour vibrations, Reiki, chakras,

meditation & Hypnosis.


Travelling the globe she has learned many tools to bring balance, harmony and health back to ones life. Her mission is to share these tools to bring understanding, empower and open the hearts of those that wish to have an awakening. Bianca’s teaching style is inspiring, intuitive and super relaxing.

  The SUP Yoga Experience
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"Connecting with nature. No studio, no air-conditioning, no yoga mats, and best of all, no crowd. Floating on the water, beach, sun, sand,  - wherever you are, it's bliss. Silence. Freedom."

                                   --- Rachel Brathen