Holistic Therapy Services

"Bringing love to all mankind through

love education & healing"

Massage Therapy 

    Relax & unwind massage

    Long soothing slow medium to light pressure movements.

    working over the whole body with special attention the the head to melt that tension away.60min or 90min

    Intuitive wellness Massage

    A combination of massage Reiki, chakra balancing, crystals singing bowls and meditation. Combined with either deep or medium pressure massage 60min or 90min

    Deep Pressure massage

    working deep into your muscles releasing old pains and deep tension.60 min or 90min

    Abdominal Chi Massage Detox

    Focusing on both physical toxins and emotional stresses that build in the abdominal area. Recycling and transforming emotions trapped deep inside the organs and muscle tissues,bringing back harmony and vitality to your whole body. The 90 min Includes your back neck and shoulders

    KCR (Kinetic Chain Release therapy)

    Kinetic Chain Release is a simple yet extremely effective system of medically recognised and approved, gentle joint mobilisations and stretches, developed by Scottish Physiotherapist Hugh Gilbert. By bringing the physical body back into balance, patients are frequently experiencing a high degree of relief and, in many cases, instant resolution from the pain and discomfort of chronic medical conditions.60min


    60 min $125

    90min $150

    Rohun Therapy

    RoHun Cards

    This is an introductory process using the RoHun Therapy Cards to assist you with identifying thoughts and reactions that hold you hostage in unhealthy ways.  This healing therapy allows you to clear emotional and mental concerns that have been holding you back from your strengths and good qualities.

    Duration:One 60min Session.

    Cost $125

    RoHun Purification

    A cleansing and personality re-integration that is the basic psychotherapy phase of RoHun. This life-changing process releases the negative emotions and thoughts that keep the individual stuck in negative behavior and feelings, blocking optimal self-development. In this process, the therapist gently guides the client to recognize and change negative emotions, thoughts, and patterns into healthy, positive, and productive ones.  Faulty thought processes, which create energy blocks, are processed and emotionally released, allowing new, positive thoughts to begin to direct one’s life.  Most clients report experiencing a connection to their spiritual nature that they never thought possible, or perhaps once felt, but lost.

    Duration: Three sessions taking 2 hour each

    Cost $750 total.

    RoHun Skims

    Issues and energies that were loosened in the initial session surface and can be released. As deeper issues emerge, one is more able to face aspects of self with greater clarity and directness. Clients are able to focus on the “arena of trauma” or present day conflict and more clearly see the self images and the attitudes produced by different events in their lives, past and present.  Negative trauma held in the unconsciousness surfaces and can be released. Duration: Once every three to five weeks for two to three months or until the individual is cleared and ready to move to the next stage of RoHun.



    2-hour sessions designed to clear any additional blocks or present life conflicts that surface after the purification.

    Cost $225 per session

    RoHun Cadge Energy

    Shadow process

    The ultimate purpose of this phase is to access and heal the deep core issues concerning unconscious harmful thoughts patterns that cause one to attract negative events and people in our lives. Basically, this addresses the beliefs that lead us to sabotage our lives.  One is able to finally identify and heal the fears that prevent them from successfully and responsibly expressing their natural abilities. In this phase the individual is able to shift to a heightened level of awareness and love, creative productivity, peace of mind and experience a deeper sense of purpose, clarity and direction. The Shadow Purification identifies unconscious thought processes that drive daily thoughts and behavior. 



    Three Sessions.Taking 2 hours each, to access and heal the core issues 

    Cost $850 total.

      Holistic Therapies


        An Ancient Japanese therapy, heals

        and restores your body's natural balance working through your chakra system. Extremely calming emotionally. physically and mentally.60min or 90min

        Color & Sound Therapy

        Combines sound vibrations using tuning forks and scented aura soma pomanders. Working with your energy system, chakras are balanced, clearing, releasing and energising. great to relive pain in the body and mind.60min

        Brazilian Light Energization

        A mystical experience for those who desire a spiritual awakening, a powerful healing, working to bring emotions back into balance, inspiring a deeper level of divine love and inspiration.


        Angel & Tarot Readings

        Gain insight into your past present and future. Receive answers to your questions, connecting with God and gaining new clarity and direction

        60min $125

        90min $150

        Dream Time 
        Hypnosis Therapy


        Think of something in your life you want to change.

        Eliminate unwanted habits for good. How? the power of your mind is unlimited.


        Hypnotherapists use exercises that bring about deep relaxation and an altered state of consciousness, also known as a trance. Teaching you how to master your own states of awareness. By doing so you can affect your own bodily functions and psychological responses.......

        Past Life Regression

        Regression therapy helps us to discover and relive earlier experiences that have caused present complaints and conditions. By re-living past events you may have forgotten, ignored or repressed, you can reexamine and shift current experiences that are concerning you. 


        $130 60min

        $160 90min

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