Free Yoga Classes

30min Yoga Nidra Meditation

Dive into deep peace.A journey through the 5 sheaths.Restore,heal and awaken your body mind and spirit connection.

30min Chakra Cleansing Yoga

30 min Immunity Boosting Yoga Flow

30min Immunity boosting yoga

30min yoga flow for hips & knees

40min Warrior Core Yoga

30min Chakra Cleansing Meditation Relaxation

Charkra Cleansing Meditation

15 min Yoga for Back relief

15 min Yoga for back relief
15min yoga for back releif

35min Light Cardio yoga for weight management

30min Everyday Beach Yoga

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  The SUP Yoga Experience
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"Connecting with nature. No studio, no air-conditioning, no yoga mats, and best of all, no crowd. Floating on the water, beach, sun, sand,  - wherever you are, it's bliss. Silence. Freedom."

                                   --- Rachel Brathen